How we spent our party weekend at Chic Place At Lincoln, Miami Beach

Chic Place At Lincoln is right in the thick of the action. It’s on 1611 Lenox Ave and right across the road from the beach; which is about as close to the beach as hotels get here.

We went this May during high season, and so the prices were high for what you get. Our room was $200 a night, but we packed in four girls, and that made the price quite reasonable. We’ve book it on The prices through the summer and midweek can be as low as $79.

Our room was really nice with two double beds with duvets, and though the bathroom was small, it was enough room for us to all get ready in the evenings. There were lots of mini shapoo/products but no hairdryer or coffee machine (both important on a party weekend).

The hotel is actually split into two with the lodge being the main building where you check in and have breakfast. Then, across the street, the old accommodation must have been bought out, and that’s where we were. There was no reception or security in our building, but you have to use your keys to get in the front door, and it has a great shaded patio with couches to sit and watch the world go by. Here are some photos:

Breakfast was included in the price and this was surprisingly nice with cold cuts, cereal, yogurts etc. However, breakfast in the little cafes of South Beach is such a part of the scene that don’t bother to take the hotel breakfast unless it’s free.

The place is part of the older art deco scene, right there alongside the Beacon, The Pelican, Clevelander, and The Colony. They have been modernized to some extent during recent years, but one thing I’ve found in all these places is the lack of soundproofing. Sounds from other rooms carry, as does the outside noise, which can get very loud and raucous until the wee hours. This didn’t bother us, as we were coming in at 5-6am anyway, but if you want some early nights, then you might want to look for quieter hotels. Our problem wasn’t the partiers; it was the early street cleaners and trash trucks!! Also, don’t believe them if they offer you a quiet room. It might be quieter, but rarely are those hotels ever quiet.

Our hotel has an acclaimed fish restaurant. With all the restaurant choices around (which you can choose here:, we didn’t eat here, but the seafood looked great (though expensive).

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