My impressive stay at Colonial Motel and Spa

Colonial Motel And Spa is really a great place to stay. Right next to a wonderful mall for shopping, quick and easy access to the MetroBus that will take you to the Metro subway. How to reach this hotel We reserved three rooms for our group with king bed and sofa sleeper, one room did not have sleeper sofa. Just a regular sofa. Desk clerk asked if we wanted him to come pull out the sofa and we continued to explain to him it was NOT a sleeper sofa but he was welcomed to come try. He did come to the room and then stated “oh, this is not a sleeper sofa” and he never returned to correct the problem. One person just slept on the hard sofa in the kings room at Colonial Motel And Spa and made due with extra covers we asked for. But…those who sleept in the king beds said it was wonderful, extra soft topper on all beds. Clerks at front desk were great assistance helping us with transportation to and from Brattleboro and airport. It is a little far from Brattleboro if you plan to spend a lot of time there and you will spend a lot on transportation but for a nice clean safe place to stay I say “it’s worth it” Book rooms with cheaper prices and save you money here

Room Service was on time with our breakfast, the food was above average and didn’t cost an arm & leg. The negative I had to give was due to the pool being BROKEN and the spa having too much chlorine (almost gassed my daugter and I out of there)… I would without hesitation stay here again, and we travel to Colonial Motel And Spa a few times a year, so I’m sure we’ll be back. So choose wisely before coming, read the coments of tourists, who visit this place before –

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