All inclusive Global Hotel Panama welcomes for its guests

The Global Hotel Panama 5* is a nice hotel for money (rooms prices:, very good continental breakfast and you can eat it outside. Staff was pretty helpful and there was always someone there who spoke english. They have a small workout room. The Global Hotel Panama is located near the Pacific Okean shore (find on the map using the official site – which is nice for walking, jogging, playing or watching a soccer game. There is a TGI Fridays located in the hotel. That is nice to have but the next closest restaurant is a 20 minute walk. We got sick of Fridays very quickly and I would recommend getting a car because it is kind of hard to get around from this hotel. We rented a car, then were able to explore the city and eat at different restaurants. I would recommend the many restaurants down the nearby causeway. At the other end of the park there is also a small cluster of restaurants ( the next closest from the hotel). In front of the restaurants there you can rent bikes. We did this and rode down the causeway and around the small islands which was really nice as well. If you are in Panama City exploring the city was nice, but if you can go to the Gamboa resort as well. It is north of the hotel along the panama canal. It is about an hour drive. There is a really nice zoo along the way, I think we paid $2 to get in. The canal town is interesting and the resort is beautiful. Bring your bathing suit they have a great pool! We ate lunch on the terrace overlooking the canal, then we went on one of the tours the hotel offers. It was a boat ride in the panama canal- we saw sloths, monkeys and alligators! It was reasonably priced and amazing. The roads were in fine condition and directions not confusing. Also, if you want to explore the city a lot of cab drivers hang out at the hotel. One took us to one of the old parts of the city, got out of the cab, took us into a theater, showed us the presidents house and a few government buildings. He was only going to charge us $15 dollars for this hour long tour, but we gave him a huge tips. For travelling with your girlfriend plan your route in advance with –

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