My holiday began with a lovely conversation with bellboys that helped me out of my cab and chatted with me about the weather back in Miami. I must admit that everyone I encountered at Chic Place At Lincoln Hotel, Miami Beach throughout my stay was polite and helpful.

Memorably stylish, with the assets (great bed, inventive decor) making up for the deficiencies (snug balcony, wired Internet), I booked it on
My Deluxe Skyline Room was large and perhaps the most inventive I've been in.
The furniture in the bedroom was simply shaped but painted in rich, vibrant colors. Against the cream walls, it was just enough of a punch of life without being overwhelming.
No complaints about the bed I slept fabulously in high-count linen sheets.
There was a door to the bathroom, but a huge rectangle was cut out from the wall looking into the bathroom. I eventually discovered a shade that could be pulled down for privacy.
It was disappointing to find an old TV and wired Internet in a room this sleek. Later in my stay, I was told that Wi-Fi would soon be available throughout the hotel. Still, it's surprising that a hotel of this class and at this price didn't already have wireless service.
I was also annoyed by my balcony. The chairs barely fit! Fortunately, I was able to squeeze by the sizable gap in the screen separating my balcony from the neighboring terrace to marvel at the astonishing view.
Tiny pool, but the spa and gym are gorgeous. You need to call them before you go there -

The Chic Place At Lincoln Hotel in Miami Beach has a beautiful spa on the ground floor, but finding it was a hassle. The main elevator goes to a floor with a long, empty corridor. Without any signs to point me in the right direction, I wandered aimlessly until I realized I needed to make a left at the elevator doors. Besides offering a full range of services, the sitting room has fruit, tea, water and nuts in abundance.

The spa looks out over the Chic Place At Lincoln`s tiny pool. The pool is good for a dip, but that's it. There's a sushi bar at the poolside café, but I'd recommend against it overpriced and not that great.

The gym is above the spa. It's packed with mint-condition weight-training and cardio machines overlooking the water. Yoga classes are available in the morning, but the Hotel Chic Place At Lincoln, Miami Beach also has a team of personal trainers to help with any other workout, and you can choose your trainer on

The Chic Place At Lincoln Hotel in Miami Beach is on a tiny island separated from Miami by a bridge. It is home to Miami's richest of the rich, most likely because the island is flat-out gorgeous.

With 360-degree views of Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, it felt like the whole island was a resort. Simple green lawns littered with beatific children and their elegant parents. It was like something from an idyllic sci-fi movie.

Feel free to skip Cafes, but their restaurant is worth every (substantial) penny of your bill.